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Common experiences, shared knowledge, a similar view of the world – that’s necessary to feel deeply connected to the people around us. What can we be for each other? Why are we actually here and what are we even doing? Madsius Ovanda face these fundamental questions with an expressive voice. Madsius Ovanda are the Indie-RnB / Dream Pop band centered around Pia Ovanda and Carina Madsius.

Their music feeds on the affinity that both musicians have for one another, arisen from intimacy and nearness and grown in the breadth of attentiveness with which these young women face life. And their music follows a clear, common vision: to capture the unexplainable and to give space to the delicate beauty that emerges when people trust each other. They turn melancholy and sweetness, complexity and simplicity into an artistic statement: “We believe in the power of love and in the strength of community,” as said by Madsius Ovanda themselves.

Madsius Ovanda write and produce all songs themselves – and they complete each other perfectly. In their music they have built a common musical home that merges similar preferences and influences; a home inspired by the multifacetedness of Little Dragon, James Blake or Tame Impala, yet always remaining true to a pop attitude reminiscent of Jorja Smith or Maggie Rogers. Playful choirs intertwined with ecstatic beats and vibey hooks, analogue synthesizer pads and pulsing basslines give the songs their vibrant colors. That is what makes them distinct and intense, with a consciousness-expanding foundation. “What ultimately happens is as captivatingly beautiful as the universe: staggering, intense, and hypnotizing.” (Vanessa Patrick, BR PULS on Madsius Ovanda)

Their debut album (coming february 2020) strives for long arcs and harmony, carried by devotion – to art, to a mission, to one another: “We exchange ideas and reflect on each other.” Madsius Ovanda send comforting, clear musical messages into a complicated and challenging world; messages that are touching and moving, all deeply rooted in friendship.

27.10.2019 - Lindley Lindenberg, Frankfurt °

28.11.2019 - Kantine am Berghain, Berlin #

° duo-show _ # full band show

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